Small Business Leadership 

Retreat (Noosa)

Network | Collaborate | Motivate | Plan | Action | Grow

For Small & Medium Business Owners

Entrepreneur? Leader? Manager? If you’ve been in business for at least a year and feel you’re ready to take things to the next level then this is the retreat for you! We know that your business is an extension of yourself, so we’ll spend a lot of time working on you as well as your business.

LEARN, CONNECT, GROW - We’ll explore your business and personal goals, generate ideas for business growth with the power of the group, help streamline and automate your operations, support you to work on your business rather than in it. All of that while building some great new relationships with a small group of other like-minded business people, and helping each other to be motivated and inspired. Achieving a true work life balance is the aim, while still reaching your financial aspirations, and having a life full of purpose, excitement and happiness.

We’ll include some reflection on your recent journey through the Covid-19 situation, and what you’ve learned. Everyone will also have a one-on-one business and personal mentoring session.

Each day you will wake up in your private room amidst a tranquil setting, eat delicious and healthy food, have personal down-time, attend up to four optional workshops each day, engage in peer conversation, a bit of light exercise, a fun group activity, and indulge in a daily massage.

During the retreat, key note speaker XXXX XXXXXX, will share .........

Your hosts are Davina and Jethro Gilbert, each bring a wealth of small business knowledge and experience, along with delivering insightful, engaging, effective training and personal development programs. Together they own and manage two businesses with five and eight staff respectively in the education, training and development sectors. They have designed their businesses to be largely self sufficient, allowing them an excellent work/life balance, to work on the parts they enjoy the most, and generate over $1.6m in annual revenue (and still growing). In addition Jethro is an Army Reserve officer, leading a unit of 50 soldiers. He brings in-depth leadership knowledge, advanced skills in planning, decision making and strategy to combine with his business acumen for a dynamic approach to ‘the best of both worlds’. Although still on the journey to reach their own goals, including an annual sailing holiday on the Mediterranean, their 10+ years of practical experience will be shared to help you succeed.


  • Location -

  • Arrive by 5pm Monday 22nd June

  • Depart Friday 26th June after 9am

  • Food preferences on request

  • Dress - daily smart casual, daily active wear, 1 x evening cocktail attire

  • Price $3,000 + GST

  • Cost $2,000 + GST

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