Youth Focus Graduate Testimonials

Dusharn is extremely appreciative of the support he has received from Future Leaders. His mentor Catherine has helped him to transition into study with ease and also navigate the study link process which is often overwhelming for lots of now students. He has developed a very close relationship with Catherine and he sees her as someone he can call at any time about anything. Dusharn said “Future Leaders helped me to realise that I can achieve my dreams. The ongoing support has been fantastic and they even hooked me up with a professional videographer who I can volunteer with and shadow on his future projects!”.

Dusharn, May 2020

Natasha would do the Future Leaders program all over again if she had the opportunity. She had a very positive experience and she was fully supported to follow her chosen career path. Natasha has experienced lots of success since graduating her LSV course and she would highly recommend Future Leaders to young people. She said “whether you already know what you want your future career to be, or if you are struggling with knowing what you want to do, Future Leaders can help you put a plan in place to achieve success and reach your goals. It would have been so easy to fall back into old habits being away from reality for six weeks on the LSV course, but my mentor really encouraged me and helped me to get into the NZDF which I’m so excited about!”.

Natasha, December 2019

Tamara is extremely grateful to have been involved with Future Leaders Academy. She has huge thanks to her mentor JP for helping her get her very first job. Tamara was amazed at how quickly she gained employment after graduating from her LSV Course. She felt as though she learnt lots of useful skills with Future Leaders Academy which enabled her to enter and stay in the workforce. Tamara is appreciative of the additional mentoring services she received from Future Leaders, even after she was placed into work. Her difficulties early on were made so much easier having her mentor to support her throughout the process. This gave her the confidence she needed to speak up about how she was feeling so changes could be made at work to promote her wellbeing and increase her overall productivity. Tamara has met lots of amazing people on her Future Leaders Academy journey, who she feels will stay connected with for a very long time!

Tamara, October 2019

Jazmine is very glad to have been involved with Future Leaders. She has huge thanks to her mentor Jeremy and the staff for being so welcoming and whanau orientated. Jazmine felt as though she learned a lot whilst working with Future Leaders Academy. She was able to discover new tools and become better equipped to enter the work force. The goals that she set made her accountable and kept her focused on the positive end result. Jazmine particularly liked the personal nature of the service she received. She felt like the staff really cared about her and they were always encouraging her to chase her dreams, no matter how extravagant they were! Jazmine said “the best thing about Future Leaders is the continuous support that is provided. They help you to achieve what you actually want to do and the staff really believe in you. They are so helpful in lots of different ways and they really helped me to get where I am today”.

Jazmine, October 2019

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