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LSV Graduate Hall of Fame

Joshua - March 2020

Joshua joined the LSV Graduate Programme in March 2020. Joshua came to Future Leaders with an interest in building and construction. He was put forward for a building position in Whitianga via an MSD Work Broker. Creation Homes arranged a work trial for Joshua and after only one day he was offered full-time employment as an Apprentice Builder. Joshua made an excellent first impression at work and his employer is very proud of Joshua’s self-management and willingness to learn. Joshua has been given the nickname ‘The Nog Father’ after quickly picking up specialist skills that most other apprentices would take months to master. He is in the process of receiving his construction workbooks so he can progress the theory side of his apprenticeship. Joshua and Creation Homes are appreciative of the level of service provided by Future Leaders. Joshua established a fantastic relationship with his Mentor Catherine who helped him in lots of different ways aside from gaining employment.

Catherine organised housing for Joshua whilst he attended the Work Preparation Module in Hamilton as he lives out of town. She also supported Joshua with obtaining his full driving license and she introduced herself to Joshua’s new landlord so she can continue to support him in his new environment.

Natasha - December 2019

Natasha joined the LSV Graduate Programme in December 2019 after graduating from her six-week LSV course at Trentham. Natasha came to Future Leaders wanting to join the New Zealand Defence Force. She put in an Army application early on whilst attending the Work Preparation Module, however Natasha was told that the next intake was several months away. In the meantime, Natasha submitted several job applications in the retail industry, as her plan was to work as much as she could before transitioning into her Army career. She was successful with Rebel Sport, securing a part time role. Natasha did very well at her NZDF interview and she was selected to attend the Regular Recruit Force RRF 399 in August 2020 as a Combat Driver within the Army. Natasha and Future Leaders are incredibly proud and excited about the journey she is about to embark on. Natasha is grateful for the help and support she received from her Youth Employment Mentor Manaia. She was glad that she was able to follow her own dreams and pursue a career she has always wanted. Natasha thanked Future Leaders for helping her focus and stay on track after she graduated from her LSV course. What she loved the most about the Future Leaders Programme was the fun and welcoming environment that the staff and other young people created. 

Natasha has experienced lots of success since graduating her LSV course and she would highly recommend Future Leaders to other young people. She said “whether you already know what you want your future career to be, or if you are struggling with knowing what you want to do, Future Leaders can help you put a plan in place to achieve success and reach your goals. It would have been so easy to fall back into old habits being away from reality for six weeks on the LSV course, but my mentor really encouraged me and helped me to get into the NZDF which I’m so excited about!”.

Jazmine - October 2019

Jazmine joined Future Leaders in October 2019 after graduating from her six-week LSV course at Whenuapai Airforce Base. Jazmine arrived wanting to find a job in administration but was also keen to explore her options. She had applied for several jobs in the past, but was unsuccessful due to the level of competition so she was very grateful for the mentoring service that Future Leaders provides. Through connections of our Youth Mentors, Jazmine gained employment as a labourer with AGA Construction in November 2019. She worked Full Time for around 3 months until she had to move up to Auckland to look after family. Jazmine then secured another job at a Motor Lodge in Auckland where she worked throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period to support her family. In May 2020, Jazmine was able to return to Hamilton where she gained part time employment as a support worker for Te Awhi Whanau Charitable Trust. She works in Mental Health & Addictions and she is enjoying all the learning and experience she has gained so far in the role. With the encouragement to achieve her goals, Jazmine also enrolled onto a Level 3 Business Administration course at Vision College where she is studying full time. Jazmine has received some excellent feedback from those who have worked with her and her positive can-do attitude makes her the perfect young role model to others! 

Tamara - October 2019

LSV Graduate Tamara joined our Future Leaders Programme in October 2019. Tamara maintained an excellent work ethic throughout the Work Preparation Module and she successfully secured employment at Taylor Prestons (Meat Distribution Factory) within weeks. Tamara's mentor JP kept in regular contact as she had no previous work experience. Tamara initially found the work very difficult and she was open and honest enough to communicate this with her mentor and employer. After some lengthy mentor sessions encouraging Tamara not to quit, it was arranged for Tamara to try some work in a different department, the offal and boning room. Tamara showed incredible determination and persistence through this transition and as a result retained her employment where she still works to date. She is very happy with her decision to move departments but continue working at Taylor Prestons. 

Tamara has received excellent feedback from her employer who is impressed with her attendance and positive attitude. Tamara is extremely grateful to have been involved with Future Leaders. She has huge thanks to her mentor JP for helping her get her very first job. Tamara was amazed at how quickly she gained employment after graduating from her LSV Course. She felt as though she learnt lots of useful skills which enabled her to enter and stay in the workforce. 

Axton - May 2019

Future Leaders began working with Axton in May 2019. Axton came to Future Leaders in Hamilton after graduating from his six-week LSV course. Axton's main goals post LSV were to become more confident, lose weight and gain employment in customer service. Axton applied for several retail jobs and within weeks he had an interview at New World Rototuna. He was successful and made a great impression on management which lead to Axton starting work in June 2019. Axton's new role was part of the Mana in Mahi scheme where he was able to gain a Service Industry qualification within his employment. He has achieved lots of success over the past year and received fantastic feedback about his performance. Axton is thriving in his role and with enhanced confidence he now has his sights set on a leadership role within the same company! He has been working at New World Rototuna for 12 months now and he feels like a valued member of the team. In relation to his weight loss journey, Axton has joined a gym and he incorporates exercise into his daily routine. He has proudly achieved all of his goals that he came to Future Leaders with and he wants to continue his healthy lifestyle to inspire others.

Cameron - 2019

Cameron joined Future Leaders LSV Graduate Programme in 2019. Cameron secured employment at New World in Hamilton and then decided that he would like to study in 2021 and relocate to Christchurch. With his Mentor Catherine's support, Cameron successfully moved to Christchurch in February and due to his hard work and reliability, he managed to get a transfer at New World to another branch in St Martins. Cameron plans to work as much as possible for the rest of this year in preparation for his study commencing next year. He worked the entire lockdown period and he is enjoying his new found independence. 

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